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Welcome to our DreadBall blog.  We are fans of the futuristic sports game DreadBall and always look forward to our next match!  Please look around.  Read posts about the hobby, tactics, or events.  Come back often, or better yet – follow us!

May all of your sixes explode,

Geoff, Andrew, and Lee



Tournament Time: BreadDoll Beatdown Game 2 ball launch 07/06/2021 8pm EST

It’s time to launch a ball. Tuesday, July 6. 8pm EST. Game 2 of the BreadDoll Beatdown will begin. We will live stream our second match on the Facebook DreadBall Fanatics page the same way we did last week.

Coach Andrew had a rough match last week (to put it mildly). Check out game 1 over in the DreadBall Fanatics group on Facebook to see exactly how it went down.

After last week’s match we had a bit of money to spend on our teams. Before the match tonight we’ll reveal what (if anything) we spent our team credits on. Also before tonights match we will find out who the winner of the BreadDoll giveaway is. The winner will receive the spiffy, painted, 3D printed vine tokens used in last week’s game.

Tonight our teams will meet at MEMPHIS MAX. This stop on the Galactic Tour Magnetar Circuit has a few… opportunites for coaches. The betting chip tokens are used to try and increase your teams wealth by placing your bets.

Also at MEMPHIS MAX is the all new Referee: Thoth!

For our loyal BreadDoll readers, we’re going to offer an opportunity to win BreadDoll swag after each of the four Magnetar Circuit tournament matches. Up for grabs from the cesspools of MEMPHIS MAX are custom printed (Geoff) and painted (Andrew) betting chip tokens!

Who will win tonight’s match? More importantly, which BreadDoll reader will win these gnarly tokens?

Reader entry is easy. Easy? Watch this evening’s game, and leave a comment on how Geoff or I should exactly spend our match winnings. We’ll randomly pick a suggestion, and send some indigenous CALVAX VI clippings to the author’s locker room.

Let’s all wish coach Andrew the best of luck. After last week he clearly needs it. 😛

Tournament Time: BreadDoll Beatdown Game 1 ball launch 06/29/2021 8pm EST

It’s time to launch a ball. Tuesday, June 29. 8pm EST. Game 1 of the BreadDoll Beatdown will begin. Geoff and I will live stream our first match on the Facebook DreadBall Fanatics page.

We would live stream on the Facebook BreadDoll page, but… We don’t have enough followers. Yet… (hint hint)

Our gear and set-up will be decidedly “old school.” One, because we are grown Earth Planet homo sapien males. Also, because we’re returning to a format we used during the darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic when we played with virtual augmentation.

Geoff and I will be playing on a pitch set-up in my home studio. He has internationally mailed me his beautiful bots, the Mecha Knights. They’ll join my creepy Cryptos, the Circumpolar C.U.C.K.S. on a neoprene pitch set under 16,000 lumens of LED lights. Between the illumination and the Strike Zones will be a rig cradling an iPhone 12 Pro. The iPhone will stream the game to the Fanatics. Off-camera will be a 17″ MacBook Pro hosting a Zoom meeting between Geoff and I. Geoff will see the pitch and bark orders to me. I’ll do as he directs.

It’s admittedly awkward at first, but after several months and games in 2020 – it became second habit. The biggest compromise of such a configuration is playing with a concealed hand of cards. That’s not possible, so we’ll be playing the entire tournament with an open hand. Weirdly, after dozens of matches with open information – he and I enjoy the variant. I may even go so far as to say I PREFER it.

Our teams will meet on CALVAX VI this evening. The first stop on the Galactic Tour Magnetar Circuit has a few… obstacles for players. Many of them are represented by tokens in the back of the supplement.

For our five loyal BreadDoll readers, we’re going to offer an opportunity to win BreadDoll swag after each of the four Magnetar Circuit tournament matches. Up for grabs from the cesspools of CALVAX VI are custom printed (Geoff) and painted (Andrew) root and vine tokens!

Who will win tonight’s match? More importantly, which BreadDoll reader will win these gnarly tokens?

Reader entry is easy. Easy? Watch this evening’s game, and leave a comment on how Geoff or I should exactly spend our match winnings. We’ll randomly pick a suggestion, and send some indigenous CALVAX VI clippings to the author’s locker room.

Good luck to both Coaches [ but a bit more for me 😉 ]

Tournament Time: Origenes Cup 2021

The Origins Game Fair returns to the Greater Columbus Convention Center from September 30 to October 3, 2021. Badge registration begins June 26 at 1pm EST, and here’s a link: https://www.originsgamefair.com/get-a-badge

The Ohio War Kings will be present with their always-impressive game floor footprint, large and in-charge.

The Kings have partnered once again with the BreadDoll, and the Origenes Cup DreadBall Tournament will launch balls on SATURDAY OCTOBER 1st, 9AM EST.

Tournament Coaches will be treated to ‘vintage’ 2020 HOME and VISITOR cards. #lostconventionyear
Coaches that bribe the Tournament Organizer will most certainly get some BreadDoll dice.

Tournament rules are not yet posted, but eager Coaches can most certainly anticipate a trip through a sunny circuit.

Perhaps most exciting, after trophies are awarded the Tournament Organizer will immediately flee the gaming hall in the direction of 16 – Bit Bar-Arcade. http://www.16-bitbar.com/columbus#drink

Drink of choice?

Join us! Cheers. See you in October.

BreadDoll Beatdown: Introducing the Mecha Knights

The last BreadDoll loaf introduced this editor-in-chief’s Judwan team; The Circumpolar C.U.C.K.S.

In this loaf, we have a special delivery of canned heat! It’s our High Priest of Hobby Highlights, Geoff Burbidge, and his MECHA KNIGHTS!

Geoff and I have challenged each other to duel in a two Coach tournament. “League in a Night” format. Four matches. Magnetar Circuit venues. We’ll stream our matches throughout the galaxy, largely because both Coaches live in different countries. But also – we’d like our readers to see the rough and tumble nature of our play styles.

Geoff and I are also Ministers of Miniatures. We hold dear the hobby aspect of gaming, and playing with beautifully painted miniatures enhances the experience. As our impending matches will be recorded in my studio, I needed Geoff’s miniatures on-hand. A drop ship delivered them last month.

This is not what I was expecting. Geoff has been known to send hazardous materials to opponents, so I was a bit worried to unscrew this peculiar vessel.
Oh. It’s a team after all. PRESENTING THE MECHA KNIGHTS!
The power of magnets compels you!
This storage system will be checked by security. 100%

Our balls will launch soon. In the next loaf, we’ll investigate some wares-of-wonder, chits-of-cheer, and bits-of-beauty. Not enough alliteration? It’s a showcase of prizes-for-peepers.

Meanwhile, consider two steps to better facilitate locker room towel snapping:

  1. Ask questions on the DreadBall Fanatics Facebook page. The DreadBall Rules Committee is preparing for a new FAQ / Errata.
  2. Buy the Magnetar Circuit and their cool minis.

BreadDoll Beatdown: Introducing the Circumpolar C.U.C.K.S.

Coaches! Our five regular readers may notice the blog has a new (sub)category – The BreadDoll Beatdown! While the content technically falls under Tournament Time – The BreadDoll Beatdown is a unique beast. It’s a private tournament between two BreadDoll editors as they play the Magnetar Circuit under a “League in a Night” tournament format.

Geoff Burbidge and I challenged each other to prepare two new physical teams in order to compete virtually. External deadlines are a great motivator, and we chose a DreadBall team painting challenge for the month of March through Andy Burdis’ BlackJack Legacy. We finished in time, and Andy showed off our efforts to a few hundred viewers.

Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65Kffa34V4Y

Adding heat; Rick Hall and Bryan Novak interviewed Geoff and I about our upcoming strategies. Give it a listen on their audio delight – DEADZONE THE PODCAST

Check it out! https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-u4z6e-fec5c4

Adding one last bit of heat; the BreadDoll’s third editor, Lee Montgomery, interviewed his colleagues and no one used profanity!

Check it out! https://breaddoll.wordpress.com/2021/03/23/breaddoll-beatdown-magnetar-circuit/

And then… One of the Coaches (me) got into a bit of trouble. I didn’t want my players to be saddled with the stigma of illicit drug use. The media can be unforgiving to athletes who otherwise responsibly engage in drugs and alcohol. When my players were at risk of a private, post-match celebration going public – I had to ingest ALL OF THE DRUGS. I’m fine now, but it did require a few weeks in rehab and a few hundred hours of public service.

Now then. I’m pleased to introduce my Circumpolar C.onchies U.nbalancing C.ompetitors’ K.lutzy S.tances.

A team needs a logo, and a color. How did the C.U.C.K.S. find theirs? Dice.

This Coach adores custom dice. So much so, I often work backwards. I start with cool looking dice and develop a team color scheme around them. In the case of C.U.C.K.S., it was Nebula® 12mm w/pips Nocturnal™/blue Luminary™ d6 from Chessex.

The C.U.C.K.S. logo is dependent on their qualifier. It’s circumpolar. A circumpolar star, as viewed from the surface of a planet, is one that never sets below the horizon due to its apparent proximity to one of the celestial poles. For Earth planet context, circumpolar stars are therefore visible from said location toward the nearest pole for the entire night on every night of the year. Keep it simple stupid. K.I.S.S.

There’s no “I” in team, but these Judwan have a lot of “mee.”

no. 1 Mee-kel (Jaqwan) II is a step sibling to Mee-kel. To avoid confusion with the heir to the Judwan throne, Mee-kel II is identified by both the nickname Jaqwan, a smooth white fedora, and a criminal headset.
no. 2 Pree-nce
no. 3 Boee-Geuge
no. 4 Stee-ng
no. 5 Her-bee
no. 6 Keanu Ree-ves
no. 7 Team Captain Sun-ra
DreadBall Coaches play with prones. Full stop.
Work-In-Progress? This model was found in an arts and crafts store on Earth planet. It may be a perfect proxy for a Coaching Assistant. Once it loses its head!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Player names are important, as discussed in previous posts. The C.U.C.K.S. were originally named after celebrity Earth planet cuckolds; Ashton Kutcher, T-Pain, Brian Austin Green, etc. However, that kind of titlement is a cheap shot. As the Circumpolar C.U.C.K.S. are conscientious objectors, it was more important to name the players in homage to Earthbound musical pacifists (plus one actor). I tip my hat to;

Michael Jackson

Prince Rogers Nelson

George Alan O’Dowd

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner

Herbie Hancock

Le Sony’r Ra


Keanu Reeves

For the next BreadDoll post, we’ll introduce Geoff’s Mecha-Knights!

BreadDoll Beatdown: Magnetar Circuit!

Greetings citizens of the Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere and beyond! No doubt you are all aware of the impending special DreadBall challenge series set to take place between two veteran coaches, “The Professor” Andrew Wodzianski and the enigmatic face of GeoffTECH, Geoff Burbidge. The BreadDoll Beatdown: Magnetar Circuit is set to commence, but first let’s get some insight from the participants.

So, a whirlwind tour through the Magnetar Circuit…how would each of you define “winning” this challenge? Having more match victories? Or having the strongest team at the end?

Geoff: I hadn’t actually thought about that. I guess match victories and in the event of a tie then strongest team. Right now I think the first thing to decide is which order we tour the circut in.

Andrew: From the perspective of a “League in a X” format, I think the highest team ranking is an interesting barometer. That metric may also shine a light on league play, a format I’m convinced many Coaches have never experienced.

Geoff: Hm. I think having fun throughout will be a win. It would also be nice to go 4 for 4 winning every match. lol.

Neither of you are strangers to the “League in a Night” format, being a BreadDoll speciality. Do you think each round being a different venue adds a significant “wrinkle” to the proceedings? Will that change the way you approach your roster management?

Geoff: I definitely think knowing what locations and their unique play styles are coming up will affect how I spend my earned mc between matches. The nice thing about the Mechanites is I may be able to customize just the right player for an upcoming challenge.

Andrew: Certainly. A league format really shines for the Memphis Max venue; substantial wins or losses in betting would absolutely reflect in a meta game. That’s a direct financial risk / reward proposition. The other three venues have financial consequences too, but they’re indirect insofar as they present physical threat to a roster. If a Coach has damaged players, and perhaps more importantly, damaged veteran players, that’s costly.

Of the different venues, is there one that you think may give you an advantage, either based on your personal play style or given the particular team match-up?

Geoff: I don’t think I will have any significant advantage at any of the Magnetar venues. Possibly the varied abilities and attributes of the Mechanite robots will provide more flexibility than a team that is more uniform from player to player but I think right now only time will tell.

Andrew: I envision more venue challenges than opportunities. If we roll poorly in the beginning of Calvax VI with “I’m Not Playing There,’ we’ll both suffer from shortened rosters. New Atlantea’s “Tidal Flux” could be punishing to either of us. The Memphis Max match should be fairly neutral, and I believe the Judwans’ Speed will be a distinct advantage on Ovostar-2.

Which venue do you think will provide the greatest challenge? What steps do you plan to take to mitigate those challenges?

Geoff: I will say I am a bit worried about the Judwan Feint ability at Ovostar-2. I will need to be cognisant of my player positions near the edge of the pitch so they do not get escorted over the edge.

Andrew: See previous response.

Obviously, you two are well versed in playing each other and are well aware of your opponents strengths and weaknesses….what’s the scouting report on your opponents coaching tendencies like? Will that influence your approach to how you build your roster, how you play the game, or both?

Geoff: Interesting. I think we both have very similar play styles. I would say coach Wodzianski tends to play it a bit safer than I do which can often mean it comes down to the roll of the dice in the end.

Andrew: Geoff is more willing to Foul, whereas I almost never do it. Considering my personality, many would think that Fouling would be a preferred play style. It’s not. I like my DreadBall clean and calculated. To that end, the Judwans’ limitations are less bothersome to me. I just wrapped a season with the Crystallan, and I’ll certainly miss the opportunities to perform earthquake level slams. But I’ll get past it. I think I’m most worried about leveling my Judwan against Geoff’s Mechanites. I’ll have less paths to earn experience.

In what ways will playing this event virtually be a different experience?

Andrew: There is an interesting dynamic that will be new to viewers; Geoff and I play via video conferencing. We’re both committed to the hobby portion of DreadBall and believe the game is best represented with beautifully painted miniatures and played in person. Of course, that’s not practical in Q2 of 2021, so compromises are struck. The biggest adaptation to our matches is we play with an open hand of cards. When we first started playing in this format, it was a bit awkward. However, it didn’t take long to appreciate the tactics and appeal. I actually prefer this way of playing now. Referring back to my playstyle of “clean and calculated,” having cards eliminates those awkward “gothcha” moments in teh game. “Ball Shatters, Blood on the Pitch, Run Interference” are still applicable and still a threat. But it’s not so jarring to have them played against you when you know they’re already there. Across the pitch. Staring at you.

Geoff: I also like the dynamic of playing with open cards. Otherwise, we’ve got Zoom DreadBall down to a science.

Parting shots, queries, insults or pithy bits of wisdom?

Andrew: I anticipate an evenly matched Magnetar Circuit against Geoff. I think the matches will be hard fought, well played, and competitive. I think the largest variable will be the venues themselves. They may be very punishing to one or both of us, and that may be the tournament’s defining element.

So there you have it! The BreadDoll Beatdown is sure to be a thrilling spectacle. Sounds like a few last minute logistics are still being sorted as the teams prepare to assemble (or literally get assembled!) before launch time. Stay tuned!

Hobby Highlight / Tournament Time: Cray Cray Presentation

Like a moth to a flame, fellow BreadDoll editor Geoff Burbidge just couldn’t say no to a DreadBall challenge.

Pulling his strings is so easy, it’s like puppet theater in Zero-G.

Geoff threw accelerant on my proposal by announcing his team selection [Mechanites,] and his team name.

The GeoffTECH Mecha-Knights, eh?

Now we’re getting heavy.

Coaches, know this: your DreadBall team name is not to be taken lightly. It is serious business. A team name is a symbol. A metaphor. It is a representation of your sensibilities to the game and frankly, to life. When I encounter a Coach that has not titled their team or acknowledged player names, I feel like I’ve entered the bottom rung of hell. What kind of soulless monster doesn’t name their team? Or perhaps worse, name their team with cavalier disregard? Personally, I do not want to play a fantasy sport board game with an opponent that cannot role-play long enough to grace their little totems with a meaningful banner.

I take DreadBall team names very seriously.

I have so much to say with my sports armies, I am rarely shackled by the limitation of two-three words. Are short team names the best? They may be clean, and efficient. But they may not be nuanced. I am a Coach of many layers, as are my teams. Thankfully, I solve the fine art of drafting team names into bite size chunks with the classic governmental device; acronyms.

A few of my previous team names:




– and –

Now. My newest team. Designed to confront a bucket of Mechanite bolts on the four venues of the Magnetar Circuit.


[They’re a Judwan team, duh]

Paint scheme? Sure. In time. I have twelve days.

Hobby Highlight / Tournament Time: IT’S ON!

The guantlet was thrown down by fellow BreadDoll editior Andrew Wodzianski. The challenge? A four round league style tournament played across the new Magnetar Circut locations. I officially accept the challenge!

First thing’s first. Select the team I will use to acheive victory. In keeping with the Magnetar Circut theme and given the new default rosters provided by DGB for the Mutant and Mechanite teams, I choose the Mechanites.

I’ve popped back to the GeoffTECH warehouse and grabbed a my team off the shelf. They will be assembled and ready by the end of the month. The GeoffTECH Mecha-Knights are going to dominate whatever team “Count” Droolcula decides to hire.

Does “Professor” Wojo even have a team in mind to bring to the pitch? It’s cards on the table time. Tell us which team will be going up against the GeoffTECH Mecha-Knights Crazy-A.

Stay tuned for updates on the assembly and painting of the GeoffTECH Mecha-Knights…

Hobby Highlight / Tournament Time: Bread-Off

The BreadDoll has many parallels with a bakery. Three bakers. True ingredients. Tested recipes. The results are regularly scheduled loaves, right until the factory owners put the Yielders-of-Yeast on high alert. “Stop what you’re doing. Put everything down, and begin production of this special bake. Now! NOW!!!

Judge a book by its cover

Galactic Tour: Magnetar Circuit, and the four Magnetar Marvels have now delivered to hungry Coaches Earth-world wide. Some recipients find the bake stodgy, loaded with dense Nameless tentacle. Others find it light and airy, like an Ada Lorana Cheerleader serving Victorian Sponge. Regardless of Magnetar’s tasty reception, its venues, staff, and special rules are officially in-play.

This staff is making me THIRSTY

How does the BreadDoll return to normal operations? With a Challenge.

I, Andrew Wodzianski,
BreadDoll editor-in-chef,
Professor Wojo,
Count Drewcula,
Do hereby officially challenge fellow editor

Geoff Burbidge

into two-player Tournament Time.

Four Magnetar Venues. Four Matches. Four Weeks. “League-in-a-Month” formatting, with each Coach introducing newly painted teams under the guidelines posted by BreadDoll friend Andy Burdis and his BlackJack Legacy’s March Hobby Challenge.

From the Ides of March, Geoff and I would need to paint our new teams in less than two weeks.
Then, we’ll need pre-game press access. I hereby challenge those two blokes from DeadZone the Podcast (Bryan and Rick) to interview the Coach-of-Cool and the Coach-of-Chaos about strategies, skullduggery, and suspicions of bribery.
THEN, we’ll need to schedule our matches. Headquartered in different countries and limited in travel from Earth plagues, our matches will need to be conducted online. Geoff and I have played many scrimmages through video-conferencing over the past year. With new equipment, and an elite force of hackers at the ready, I know we can do so again with the larger audience of our three regular BreadDoll readers (so-to-be viewers).

IF Geoff accepts my challenge, game dates are to-be-determined. I’ll offer a first salvo of late Friday Night Fights.

Until I hear from the third shift’s response, it’s back to kneading (green stuff).

Coaches’ Corner: Antoine Bouché

The Coaches’ Corner is an in-depth interview with DreadBall Coaches, Commissioners, and Creators.  A game is fourteen Rushes, and the interview is fourteen questions.

Most interrogations are conducted in the locker room.  Answers are quick and reliable after waterboarding a Coach with recycled water from a Marauder soaking tub. But this time, we’ve stepped into the classroom.  Coach Antoine Bouché is a brand new to DreadBall and the BreadDoll thought it would be interesting to find out what brought him to study the Galaxy’s greatest sport.

Antoine Bouché. A middle aged wargamer who cut his teeth three decades ago with HeroQuest and Space Crusade. A Bon vivant. And… A lazy gardener.

Coach Antoiné and the one that did NOT get away.

1.  How did you first learn about DreadBall, and what led you to purchase it?

I learned about DreaBall with Kickstarter although at the time I wasn’t playing any Mantic games (I had gone away from GW to play X-Wing and DBA).

In 2018, I started to play BloodBowl (the 2016 starter box was taking dust on my game shelf). I enjoyed the game and was really hyped : I painted 5 teams, went to a BB event, and even taught the game to casual wargamer friends.

But then, in the summer 2019, I was introduced to Deadzone and I fell in love (#deadzoneislife)! Love the minis, the skirmish sized games, and fast-paced and easy to learn rules. And, I discovered an awesome community : Mantic and the Deadzone Fanatics. I now own all but one faction and am the ‘Deadzone Ambassador’ of my local gaming group.

What led me to purchase DreadBall was the initial question. Right. Well, after getting used to Mantic’s fast-paced rules, I couldn’t play Blood Bowl anymore: 2 hours games (minimum), and long turns don’t suit me anymore. So I took interest in DreadBall, watched a few videos on YouTube (Thanks Andy Burdis from BlackJack Legacy, and Deadzone: The Podcast) and started roaming the Mantic online store. Moreover, my wife told me that she would be ‘ok’ to try one of “my games.” That means I needed a fast, easy and less combat/war oriented game (I’ve waited 12 years for it). After a week of videos and blog reading, I bought the starter box, 3 teams, 8 MVP’s and the Event deck. Got the whole lot on a Saturday and on the Sunday evening, the starter box and the human team were painted (blessed be contrast paint!).

2.  What is your favorite Deadzone faction, and why?

Tough one because I love them all. As I often play with my older son (he plays Enforcers mostly), I tend to play all my other factions, depending on my mood. Recently, I played mostly Matsudan and marionettes.

Hard to pick a favourite but I’d say the Enforcers would be the ones, they’re my first faction and I have a soft spot for their HALO look.

3.  Although you are a new Coach, have you gravitated towards a favorite DreadBall team?

In terms of playstyle, I clearly have no clue at the moment as I only played the game tutorial  but I would start with all-rounders like Corporation teams or Neo-Bots. I like the Draconis All-Star models.

I also really like the Brokkr models, I just fear that they’d be too slow for me.

4.  From a hobby perspective, which team do you look forward to painting the most?  Do you have a colour scheme in mind?  A team name?

I speed-painted the first 3 teams, so I’ll probably take more time for the next ones, now that I have enough to play, learn, and teach the game. I look forward to painting the Matsudans, I like those giant honorable lizards. I think of a white/orange paint scheme for the armour. No team name in mind at the moment.

The only team name I have is for my human team (orange/blue/back) : Blue Mountain Corporation team, the BMC Goats 😉

4.  Shifting gears for a moment, what do you do when you are not playing DreadBall?

When not playing DreadBall, well, when I am not working (which is a lot of my time), I spend time with my wife and boys and I do a lot of running/trails.

5.  Beyond Deadzone and DreadBall, what other games do you play?

I love to play: wargames, video games, card games, board games, you name it ! But with real life schedule (family, job, etc.), I focus on 4/5 games apart from Deadzone/DreadBall. I played a lot of GW for years but now I only own the minis that I painted and rarely use them (Warhammer, AoS, 40k, Mordheim, …).

My other wargames are mainly X-Wing and DBA 3.0 (historical). I bought minis and want to play KoW Armada (have to paint my fleets) and Burrows and Badgers.

I play board games with my family and friends : Ticket to Ride and Zombicide mostly (and a lot of others but less often).

Finally, after watching the ‘Queen’s Gambit’ on Netflix, I started playing chess again like a lot people.

Overall, I now tend to choose games that I can teach easily to my sons and my casual gamers friends.

6.  DreadBall can be played in several formats. What excites you the most?  [One-off games, league, tournament, Xtreme, Ultimate]

I’d say league and/or tournaments, but I’m the guy who’s going to teach DreadBall to our local group, so I think we’ll mostly stick to one-off games to begin with.

7.  Have you encountered any language barrier with the game?

I lived abroad for ten years as a kid, and my sister-in-law in British so no, english is not a problem.

I am one of the few french wargamers who doesn’t mind non-translated rules, alas (for great games like Deadzone) the lack of translation into French is often a barrier for a lot of my countrymen.

8.  When considering the Warpath Plague faction, it’s hard for Earth citizens not to be reminded of their early 21st century global pandemic.  Presuming you are still stationed here/there, how are you holding up / managing?

The pandemic has had an impact on our lifestyle with the containment protocols, like the vast majority of European countries. No more restaurants and pubs, which is quite annoying but not vital.  Personnaly, I’m holding quite well, my family is healthy and I’m lucky to have a job which isn’t threatened by COVID.  

9.  What has been the best DreadBall resource for learning the game?

YouTube channels with ‘how to play’ videos. As mentionned before BlackJack Legacy, Weight of Fire (mainly Deadzone though) and the Mantic channel. The fanatics groups on Facebook are also a great source of answers to beginners questions and in-game situations.

As a new Coach, I’d like to find more blog articles on team reviews with pros and cons, that would be nice (on BreadDoll ?).

10.  Veteran Coaches are excited about a new expansion; The Magnetar Circuit!  From what you know thus far, does this product appeal to you?

As a new player, I’m excited about the teams’ update (tweaks and nerfs) and the new DreadBall pitch. It’s still a bit unclear for me as which supplement to buy to have all the rules : League, assistant coaches, multiplayer games (Xtreme ? Ultimate ? I don’t know but would like to).

EDITOR’S NOTE: Buy the Galactic Tour Expansion once it’s back in stock. League Rules, Coaching Staff, and an awesome MVP make it a great value:

In the meantime, the League and Coaching Staff rules can be found in the Collector’s Edition rulebook:

To be honest, I’m hooked so I’ll probably order it very soon, with a couple of other teams (who said Matsudans?).

11.  Let’s get very specific.  When rolling dice, do you use; a cup, a tower, an app, or with your hands like a proper homo sapien?

I’m a quite a fanboy, so without any Mantic/Weight of Fire/Blackjack legacy  labelled cup/tower, I won’t be using one. I use my own hands and throw on my home made dice tray (and I should make a better one by the way)!

12. What would you like to see from DreadBall in the future? 

Without having any accurate knowledge of the game and it’s advanced rules, I would say an update for Corporation and Forge Fathers models.

13.  We’re almost done.  If you won a BreadDoll in tournament play (a last place pastry award), would you; eat it immediately in front of attending Coaches, or wait until you were in the privacy of your locker room?

I would voraciously eat it in front of everyone while laughing madly and then, wash it down with a pint (or two) 😉

14.  Aaaaaand…   A follow-up.  Do you have questions for us?

Well, thanks for your interest in new Coaches and feel free to correct me if I made any mistakes in English.

Take care and stay safe !


Antoiné has better English than this BreadDoll editor, so he’s welcome back anytime with tales of learning pitch protocol. With a new DreadBall supplement, the BreadDoll may see an influx of new Coaches. What would you like to read? Sound off! Veteran Coaches, New Coaches, Parole Officers, Random followers who still think this is a baking blog? Please leave a comment below.

Meanwhile, buy the Galactic Tour: Magnetar Circuit here:
and the sweet new Magnetar Marvels minis here: