Rush Report / Tournament Time: Clash of the Giants 3 results

Clash of the Giants 3 was held on Sunday January 28, 2018.  Ten coaches threw down Slams and Strikes in a battle of big boasts.  Literally.  Coaches were encouraged to hire an MVP Giant as part of their inducements.

Coach / Team / Tournament Points / Record / Fan Check / Total Injuries*

1) Don S. / Renton Rejects / 8 / 4-0 / 52 / 2 [Nameless Spawn]
2) Xanth S. / Male Corp. / 6 / 3-1 / 59 / 3 [Nameless Spawn]
3) Nathan / Mastudan / 4 / 2-2 / 50 / 2 [no Giant 😦 ]
4) Dean W. / Veer-myn / 4 / 2-2 / 48 / 1 [Karadon]
5) Lee M. / Sphyr / 4 / 2-2 / 23 / 3 [Karadon]
6) Andrew W. / Male Corp. / 4 / 2-2 / 20 / 0 [Big Mech]
7) Geoff B. / Neobots / 4 / 2-2 / 16 / 1 [Barricade]
8) Steve S. / Metabots / 4 / 2-2 / 13 / 0 [Barricade]
9) Daria W. / Martians / 2 / 1-3 / 39 / 2 [Big Mech]
10) Cael M. / Teratons / 0 / 0-4 / 22 / 5 [Dozer]

For ranking purposes, I prioritized; tournament points > record > fan checks.  Fan checks are far more egalitarian in the second edition.

* Serious Injuries were only tracked to award The “Most Brutal” Trophy.

I also asked all coaches to track experience for their players.  I was curious to see how far a player could advance in a tournament setting.  No ability upgrades were granted between matches; the tracking was merely an experiment.  Without the league consideration of serious injuries, Nathan had a Mastudan Jack earn 28 experience. He won the “Most Experienced” trophy as well as 3rd place.


Cael does not care about winning. He only cares about killing. Credit to him, he wanted the “Most Violent” trophy – he got the “Most Violent” trophy.  He also came in last place and won the delicious BreadDoll.


Xanth is an intense coach and familiar with tournament loot.  His trophy collection saw the addition of both “Most Popular” (previously called Fan favorite) and 2nd place.


The only Coach to conquer Xanth was his own father.  Like Cronos devouring his children, Don took home the GIANT first place trophy.


And for bragging rights, the employees of Victory Comics selected Dean’s Karadon as the “Best Painted” Giant.


It’s important to note; Clash of the Giants 3 was the first BreadDoll sanctioned event.  All coaches received Home and Visitor cards with the event title.


Additionally, Champion Don Squires will be receiving a set of BreadDoll dice.  Congrats Dad!


Lastly, all coaches and their teams have been recorded.  They are BreadDollers, and they have an epic charge:


This goal will take years to complete, and it will not go unrewarded.  Any BreadDoll coach that accomplishes this lofty objective will get a painted team from the BreadDoll staff.

One down.  Twenty nine to go.

At the end of the day, coaches with a parched throat traveled to the Space Bar for a pint.  Or three.  Cheers.



Tournament Time: Giant Trophies are either HOME or VISITOR


Clash of the Giants returns!  A popular format for the Mid-Atlantic region, coaches are encouraged to hire Giants as part of their tournament inducements.  For the third iteration, the Giants may look familiar.  However, Coaches now have to manage 2nd edition rules.  Those who best ‘plan their work, and work their plan’ will be rewarded – WITH A TROPHY!

As mentioned in a previous post, ‘Origins of the BreadDoll‘, I love making tournament trophies.  Home brew, low-brow, and as inexpensive as possible are the best.  Any Tournament Organizer can make a handful of custom trophies for an event.  The only requirements are some time, a bit of energy, and creativity.

I’m a “thrifter.”  I go to thrift stores all the time.  I don’t need anything in a Thrift Store.  Instead, I go because I love to look.  It’s almost a creative process, imagining what materials may be ripe for transformation.  I also love to live, and I sometimes stop at a store to wake myself up.  I have a long driving commute home, and I’m prone to falling asleep at the wheel.  Mortal digression aside; I usually buy any trophies I lay my eyes upon.  My first commitment: I never spend more than $3 USD on a trophy unless it’s over 36″ tall.

With random bowling trophy in hand,  I prep the memento.  I strip off any label and I saw off the figurine (or figure’s limb).  Then I slam on a new label, and paint.  Done!  My second commitment: I never spend more than fifteen minutes on a trophy unless it’s for my private league (CORT).

For the 2018 Clash of the Giants, I went a slightly different route.  Instead of pulling from my thrift trophy inventory, I went to Party City.  It’s a chain store specializing in… parties…  Beads, balloons, candies, costumes.  That kind of stuff.  The sell an 8 pack of plastic cup trophies.  I bought a package for $9 USD.

Then I went to Walmart.  It’s a store that specializes in…  Nothing.  It’s just a whole bunch of stuff.  BreadDoll readers may be familiar with it.  I bought a can of gold spray paint and a package of generic plastic dinosaurs.  $10 USD at checkout.

A little bit of cutting, painting, printing and super glue – the trophies were almost finished!  I wanted to give each one a little more weight, so I poured plaster into each cup.  They’re no longer top-heavy, and now rest on any flat surface with pride.

Six trophies for less than $20 USD. And now I have; two spare trophies for a future tournament, some spray paint, and some tiny plastic Dinos for the cat to bat around.

The Alpha and Omega are a bit different.

1st place is a humongous toy dinosaur I found at a garage sale.  The T-Rex has a medal strapped over its impressive neck.


Last place is…  A BreadDoll.

But no Coach leaves empty handed.  Clash of the Giants is the first BreadDoll sponsored event.  To celebrate, every participant receives a set of Home/Visitor Fans Cards.


Clash of the Giants 3 takes place on Sunday January 28.  11am – 5pm.  Victory Comics, Falls Church VA.  USA.

Tournament Time: Clash of the Giants 3

DreadBall returns!
Once again, Victory Comics graciously hosts a DreadBall Battle of Big Brutes. It’s time for Clash of the Giants 3!

Sunday, January 28, 2018, 11am – 6pm

Victory Comics, 586 S Washington St, Falls Church, VA 22046, USA

Tournament Organizer Andrew Wodzianski declares the following rules and regulations, procedures and policies:
2nd edition rules, with the following distinctions:
  • Recommended Team Builds only. No Martians.
  • 285 mc for inducements.
  • Giants may be purchased as part of inducements.
  • If one Coach has a Giant on their roster, they may choose between home and away. Otherwise draw.

Inducement costs:

  • 140 – 285mc = Giants
  • 80mc = Coaching Assistants (max three)
  • 60mc = Cheerleaders (max four)
  • 75mc = DreadBall cards (max seven)
  • 50mc = Coaching Dice (max seven)

 Please note: Because the second edition arrived in North America in early 2018, this tournament will be considered a “learning tournament.” Many coaches will be playing with the second edition rules for the first time. Consequently, this tournament will focus on the basics. Plus Giants!
Chin up! Future tournaments may include; custom rosters, transfers, team captains, mvps, galactic tour planets, etc.

1/28/2018 Schedule:
11:00 – 11:30 = registration and set-up
11:30 – 12:40 = game 1
12:50 – 2:00 = game 2
2:10 – 3:20 = game 3
3:30 – 4:40 = game 4
4:40 – 5:00 = awards and clean-up

 Entry Fee:

  • 1st Place
  • 2nd Place
  • 3rd Place
  • Most Violent Coach [highest number of serious injuries]
  • Most Sporting Coach
  • Most Popular Coach [highest cheers]
  • Best Painted
  • Most Experienced Player [Coach with player earning the most experience]
  • BreadDoll*

 Want to bring new coaches? Do it! Want to join us at Space Bar after the tournament? Let’s go! Any other questions? Ask TO Andrew.
*The BreadDoll is proud to sanction Clash of the Giants 3 as its first event!  All coaches will receive ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ cards!  Additionally, coaches will have their teams recorded towards an epic goal.  It’s top-secret for now 😉