Steals and Deals: PATMOCON 2020

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Quarantine Coaches!  Alert!

Paint All The Minis is hosting 72 hours of online convention goodness from April 11-13, 2020.

Tickets, Vendors, Q&A guests, and swag details can be found here


Among the cool virtual bits in digital swag bags is this STEAL AND DEAL:

ENTIRE FREE PDF Rulebook for Dreadball from Mantic Games plus 25% off Dreadball minis

What a great time to lead a comrade into the locker room!  And once everyone is there, maybe you can finally decide on that team uniform color!

Steals and Deals: Super Mega Cup Sale

black and white dark decoration faces
3 Monkeys for 3 Years.  BreadDoll editors (left to right); Geoff, Andrew, and Lee.

2020 marks the third year of BreadDoll Blogging.  ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY posts about the greatest game in the galaxy.  Every week; Geoff, Lee, or Andrew serve up slices.  We have different voices with different perspectives.  For a spread analogy, it’s like Geoff is jam, Lee is preservative, and Andrew is straight-up marmalade.

In soft celebration of three editors surviving three years together, this bakery is serving three loaves in three days.  This triple helping of BreadDoll is timely.  The United States of America (Earth Planet) is hosting a naive event in two days.  Its popularity has reached such staggering proportions, huge swaths of the entire world population somehow find a broadcast to view.  A cruel spectacle of manhandling will be witnessed by viewers divided into camps both for and against.  The outcome has been forecast and bets are wagered, but anything is possible.  A groundhog may see its shadow.

Also, there’s a Super Bowl.

american sports
This ball is not constructed of metal.

48 hours before kick-off, The BreadDoll is pleased to shill.  Mantic Games is celebrating the sports weekend with a sporty sale.  It’s the second annual SUPER MEGA CUP SALE!  Steals and Deals?  Yes.  Yes, there are plenty.  Especially if a Coach needs to expand their Coaching Staff.

  • Cheerleaders
  • Coaches
  • “Sponsors” (ostensibly, more Coach models)
  • Event Deck

Each are priced to levels only Bobby would bargain.  Two items however, are just Bobby bonkers.

  1. The Web DreadBall Team Bundle.  Ten teams = $80 USD.  That’s too good to be true.  And seemingly – it is.  There are only two is stock.
  2. The Galactic Tour expansion.  $20 USD.  That’s awesome.  Cheerleaders, Coaches, a Medbot, plus a jungle cat and an indigenous trophy.   Those are just the models!  An alternative ruleset and card deck to play on the planet Azure is in there, not to mention the league handbook.  Seriously.  Best Buy.

Aaaaaand…  Mantic is not done.  Gains are important, but so are GAMES.  Keep it clean Coaches!  A new FAQ / Errata has been released!  Clarifications and adjustments will make everyone’s pitch time even more perfect.  Head to the Mantic site and find their Free Rules.  Download and become high information.


And at the very end of the document?  There’s a surprise.  If you think you’ve seen bad officiating this season on Earth Planet (NFL, MLB, FIFA, etc), wait until you see this Bad Call.

This is bad.

Thanks for reading the BreadDoll.  We love DreadBall, and we hope it shows.  Come back this weekend for more.  More Bread.  More Dread.

Saturday – a roundtable discussion about GIANTS.

Sunday – a Coaches’ Corner interview with JAMES HEWITT.

Steals and Deals: New Year’s Resolutions

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Welcome to 2020 all Earth Coaches!  For your consideration, the BreadDoll suggests for the following playbook option:

  • Mantic Games is offering a ‘Cyber Sale’ until January 2.  If you don’t have a PDF of the 2nd edition Rulebook, now is the time.  Also for consideration: a first edition bundle and xtreme compilation.  While they both have limited function with 2nd edition rules, the images are (always) great, and the fluff is well written.  But perhaps most importantly is the FREE STUFF.  Captain cards, Martian rules, rosters…  Download and be done.
  • Also…  Just saying…  The DreadBall Core Game 2nd Edition is on sale for $49.99 USD.  It includes the Collectors Edition rulebook.  Seriously.  Buy a second copy.

With New Year purchases resolved, why not commit to goodwill in 2020?

  • Join the Facebook DreadBall Fanatics group. Write a post!  Identify where your league plays on planet Earth (Map of DreadBall Leagues).
  • Visit, and register.  Create a team!  Find an event!
  • Visit, and log your DreadBall plays.  Write a post!  Leave a review!
  • Visit Mos Eisley cantina.  I mean, Reddit.  Join r/dreadball.  Write a post!

Then, GET OFF YOUR GOD DAMN COMPUTER!  Interact with other humans, face-to-face, in real time.

  • Play DreadBall.
  • Start a league.
  • Play in a tournament.
  • Be nice to others.

Happy New Year.  May all of your sixes explode.

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Steals and Deals: Black Friday 2019

On Earth Capitol Washington D.C., the lizard men in control of operations agree and understand one fundamental truth.  Commerce is King.  Slave-minded humans fuel the workings of the first world with purchase power.  This power is so strong, reptilian machinations have scheduled non-secular days of worship around it.

And so, Black Friday.

This BreadDoll editor is posting to our loyal readers on Saturday November 30, 2019.  It is one day after Black Friday.  Presumably, the hive-mind of Homo sapiens buying crap for others on sale/discount/bargain has somewhat abated and the focus can turn to what really matters.


Mantic Games sponsors a Black Friday sale.  It is ‘Friday’ in name only; the sale begins a full week before the dark day, and important for this weekend’s readers, continues until the following Monday.  In this case, Monday December 1, 2019.  This is important because Mantic Games is the publisher of DreadBall,  THE GREATEST GAME IN THE GALAXY,

Mantic’s Black Friday spokesperson, Crazy Bobby, has a few deals that all Coaches should notice.

  1. DreadBall Core Game, 2nd Edition = $89.99. NOPE.  Now it’s $49.99
    You probably already own a copy, and that is good.  Now buy another.  Start a league.  Give a copy to a friend for the holidays.  Pass along you beater copy to that fish-head eating half-brother you keep in that attic.  DO IT.
  2. Long Rock Lifers = $39.99.  NOPE.  Now it’s $14.99
  3. Nemion Oceanics = $39.99.  NOPE.  Now it’s $14.99
  4. Rotatek Rocksliders = $39.99.  NOPE.  Now it’s $14.99
  5. The Unicorporated = $39.99.  NOPE.  Now it’s $14.99
    These teams are fab.  If you already own them, you too are fab.  Go ahead and buy another set.  You’ll want to paint your players in an VISITOR uniform.
  6. DreadBall Xtreme with Free Player’s Manual = $29.99.  NOPE.  Now it’s $14.99
    Now this price is truly crazy.  Crazy Bobby has lost all of his crackers.  DreadBall Xtreme is already seriously discounted at $29.99, and that’s a huge value.  But $14.99?!  Seriously, WTF.

    DreadBall Xtreme may not suit everyone.  It’s not this BreadDoll editor’s favorite cuppa, but it is a fine game nonetheless.  It’s just a… different… game.  No longer THE GREATEST GAME IN THE GALAXY, DreadBall Xtreme is an explosive death trap.  It’s unforgiving, it’s brutal, and it’s a bit random.  Your mileage may vary.

    But what won’t vary is the value of this price point.  Inside this beautiful box of boom boom, you get three.  THREE.  Three DreadBall teams.*  Convicts, Kalyshi, AND a set of Xtreme “Free Agents” that have transformed into the Ronnie Rejects for DreadBall’s second edition.**  Coupled with crate terrain, a handsome neoprene mat, and dice to choke your half-brother; DreadBall Xtreme’s Black Friday sales price is just too good to pass.

    * NOTE: These three teams will not be exactly 2nd edition complete…  The Convicts and Kalyshi will be missing their Team Captain and Team Captain cards.  No worries.  You can download the Team Captain cards from the Mantic Games website AND you can purchase both Team Captain models from the MVP pack “Strike Zone Stunners.”  The third team, the Ronnie Rejects, are mostly complete.  The team does not yet have an official Team Captain or a set of Team Captain cards.  But I’ve overheard Jesus Ortiz say that Digby is working on that issue…

    ** DreadBall’s second edition and DreadBall Xtreme are different rule sets.  This may be a concern to some, but here’s the straight dope: Coaches can play Xtreme’s rules in tandem with DreadBall’s second edition core rules & team stats just fine.  It works, and works well.  There’s no need to adjust card play, though players will want to adjust their Sponsor bets by adding a zero to their sums.  That’s it.  These quick adjustments make the Xtreme Player’s Manual obsolete, but you can still read the fluff and appreciate the illustrations.  Mantic’s publications always shine with their miniature photography.

Go BUY DreadBall stuff.  Happy Black Friday.  Happy Small Business Saturday.  Happy Cyber Monday.  BUY BUY BUY.