Tournament Time: Summer, NADC, and You.

Coaches!  Huddle up, and let a schedule unfold before your marred clip boards.

The North American DreadBall Circuit (NADC) has three, THREE!, summer tournaments on schedule.  You should attend one of these galactic contests.  You should attend two!  YOU SHOULD ATTEND THREE!!!

Not only will each NADC tournament be sanctioned by the DreadBall Governing Body (DGB), they’ll also be sponsored by your favorite little DreadBall blog – the BreadDoll!  How does this impact attending coaches?

BreadDoll = All BreadDoll sponsored tournaments are chock full of awesomeness.  Every participant receives a custom set of Home / Visitor cards.  The tournament winner receives a set of BreadDoll D6.  The tournament loser receives an actual BreadDoll!  And returning Coaches that compete with a different team chip away at the coveted BD30.  Coaches that participate in thirty BreadDoll sponsored tournaments with thirty different teams will receive a painted team from the BreadDoll editors!

Hot. Tasty. It’s the BreadDoll.

NADC = All NADC sanctioned tournaments grant tournament winners an entry into the National Championship.

North American DreadBall Circuit

DGB = All DGB sanctioned games issue ranking points.  Coaches can build their status over multiple tournaments and claim domination!  Geoff Burbidge is the current raking Leader, and this travesty cannot stand.

DreadBall Governing Body

All event information is available on

[ Editor’s Digression: Have you created a coach profile?  Have you created a team?  Please spend a few moments on, and make your presence known.  Other coaches need fresh meat.]

Editor’s Z’zor team logo on –  C.O.C.K.S.U.C.K.E.R.S.

I. Arriving soon – Origenes Cup.  Returning to the Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio, DreadBall casts off its peculiar ‘Zero to Hero’ 2017 format for a full fledged 2nd edition throw down.  Friday, June 15th.


II. Next on the tournament block, the General Control Cup!  The largest convention in North America, hosts the most Orwellian tournament, for the galaxy’s best coaches.  Get inside the Indianapolis Convention Center on Friday August 3rd.


III. Lastly (?), Lansing Michigan attempts a four point Strike with the Nova CTS Cup!  Evolution Games hosts on Sunday August 19th.


The Nova CTS Cup is particularly interesting this year.  In addition to the previously mentioned goodies, BreadDoll co-editor Geoff Burbidge has designed a BreadDoll pitch for prize support.  Hot stuff!


DreadBall league play is brilliant.  One-off matches are super fun.  Ultimate is a chaotic hoot, and even Xtreme needs a ray of light to penetrate it’s dark hangar bay.  But tournaments…  Tournaments offer an opportunity to travel, enhance rankings, eat different food, meet new coaches, and spill blood on the neodurium.  Hopefully, opponents’ blood…


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