Tournament Time: Adepticon 2018


I was planning on writing a painting article on how I painted my Judwan for today’s article but instead I’m just going to talk about Adepticon 2018.

Adepticon 2018 starts tomorrow in Schaumburg, Illinois in the USA. I’ve been going to Adepticon for 4 years now (this is my 4th trip). I started going back in 2014 because I wanted to play DreadBall. It was great fun with a turnout of more than 20 coaches. I met many great people most of whom I now consider friends even if I only see them a couple times a year.

Since my first trip to Adepticon to play DreadBall the game has dropped off a lot of peoples radar. Every year there have been fewer coaches at the Adepticon tournament. With the release of 2nd edition DreadBall this weekend at Adepticon I’m sure this will be the first year, since I started going, that there will be more coaches at the Adepticon tournament than the year before. Exciting times.

There is a good deal of DreadBall going on at Adepticon this year besides just the tournament on Thursday. As I said 2nd edition is launching and will be on sale at the convention. There will be demos at the Mantic booth. Your very own BreadDoll will be running a League in a Night on Friday night. Saturday is Mantic Open Night and I’m sure there will be DreadBall demos in addition to a big game of DreadBall Ultimate for the top 6 coaches from the Adepticorp Tournament.

League in a Night. League style played over 4 games on Friday night starting at 7pm in the Mantic room (Utopia D).

I look forward to Adepticon and seeing old friends and playing DreadBall every year. This year looks to be a great one and I’m looking forward to next year being even better!

AdeptiCorp Cup 2018 Tournament Rules

League in a Night Rules


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