Hobby Highlight: Modding – Season 2 Robot Keeper

Each “season” of DreadBall has 4 teams associated with it. In season 2 there was a robot team created with the premise being the players on the team could transform into the various different positions: Striker, Jack, Guard.

As a player gains experience and levels up they gain better attributes and new abilities. Because the robot players can play as any of the player positions they can rank up as any of those positions as well. If a robot player chose to level up as a Guard they could gain the Keeper ability. A Keeper is a Guard that has been beefed up to protect the Strikezones. A Keeper has better armor and a DreadBall glove to pick up the ball.

The DreadBall Season 2 robot team is one of the few teams that never had a Keeper mini designed for them. Awhile back I decided to design a Keeper for the robots. I haven’t yet got around to modding up a mini to make my design come to life but here’s what I came up with.

I sketched up this design. I envisioned the robots arms splitting in two to give the Keeper 4 arms to better intercept the ball.
I cleaned up my design a bit using the official concept art as the basis.

When the robots transform their various components shift about to new locations on their bodies depending on if they are going to be a Striker, Jack, Guard, or Keeper.


I have pulled together some parts from which I plan to mod and sculpt an actual mini to be used as a robot keeper but to date gathering parts is as far as I’ve gotten. One of these days I may get around to it on my list of hobby projects.

– Geoff


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